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GFI WebMonitor® is a powerful Internet access control and security solution that ensures employee Internet usage is aligned with business needs, generates detailed reports and protects your network from malicious content.

Its reporting interface gives you an in-depth view of users' browsing habits so you can determine who is breaching the Internet Usage Policy, using too much bandwidth, or placing the security of the network at risk – without
leaving the interface.

You can also benefit from the following features:

  • Real-Time Traffic monitoring feature and manual termination of problematic downloads

  • Blocking of streaming media content and applications

  • Controlling and conserving bandwidth resources

  • Controlling the use of IM clients (e.g., Facebook Chat, Gtalk and Yahoo! Messenger)

  • Interactive dashboards and customizable reports on Internet usage

  • Reducing cyber-slacking and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, GFI WebMonitor provides extensive web security protection to ensure that employees do not visit websites that release malware or potentially place the company in legal trouble.

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